Digital Advertising Case Study

MPM Financial


MPM Financial is run by Pete O'Brien, a financial advisor based out of St. Paul, MN. Before working with us, he had no lead generation other than referrals from past clients. He needed an influx of leads to fill his pipeline so he could reach his goal of doubling his revenue in the next 2 years.

Pete also needed to systemize his business. He was interested in both lead generation ad campaigns and our marketing automation CRM.


Pete was beyond ecstatic with the results that we generated for him. We generated 105 leads for an average cost of $40.20, which is much lower than the industry average of $200+.

We actually had to stop his campaign for a week or two because he was getting too many leads and needed to catch up on contacting all of them.


The Process

Pete was adamant on working closely with a team that valued relationships. Our team takes pride in creating lasting relationships with everyone we work with. Our tight knit group set priorities based on communication and results

MPM Financial continues to be a client for Strong Point Digital. We are set to double his budget for the upcoming months as we fuel this lead generation machine.