Digital Advertising Case Study

Family First Life Insurance


Before working with Strong Point Digital, Family First Life Insurance was generating their leads through direct mail and purchasing through shared lead sources. They were seeing a positive ROI but wanted a system that was more reliable.

Joe, the head broker at FFL, had worked with many marketing agencies before. He stated that he had problems with the quality of the leads that other agencies were producing. He wanted to work with a team that not only generated leads, but assisted in nurturing those leads until they became a client to him.


Through just a couple of weeks of running Family First Life's lead generation campaign, our team generated 177 leads for an average lead cost of $15.19. This cost per lead was $10 lower than industry average.

With those leads, Joe and his team were able to close a significant portion of those leads providing his company with a positive ROI.

The process

Family First Life continues to work closely with the Strong Point Digital team. Through his first campaign, he was able to pay off 6 months worth of marketing and a new website.

Joe and his team also took advantage of our automation CRM. This allowed him to work smarter, not harder, during the duration of his lead generation. You can check out how he did that by going to our "Marketing Automation CRM" section. Also check out the nice words that Joe had for our SPD Ads team.