Website Creation Case Study

DRP Remodeling

Project INtro

DRP Remodeling is an interior remodeling company based out of the Twin Cities. They came to us because they needed to set a foundation for their business online. They were sick and tired of paying for shared leads and wanted an asset of their own.




August, 2021

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The asset that we created for them was a website with a modern, yet professional approach that outlined their services and processes seamlessly. Their team came to us and said that they were thought the website was TOO GOOD and that they might lose potential business because leads may think their services cost too much.

DRP Remodeling is now working with us to increase the ranking of their new home base on Google. They strive to have a consistent, reliable stream of inbound leads coming to their phone. We do this by pairing our software with our world-class SEO services.