Digital Advertising Case Study

Ai Health Insure


Ai Health is an insurance company based out of Florida that provides people with all sorts of medicare and life insurance plans. They came to us needing extensive lead generation to fill their sales people's pipelines.

We worked with them to create a custom strategy that would work best for their target market. We developed a campaign around medicare advantage and medicare supplement plans.


Within 2 weeks of running the campaign for Ai Health, we generated their company 138 leads with an average cost per lead of $3.25. They wanted to get leads for under $5 so they could maintain a $60 cost per acquisition.

Through out analytics, we can see that out of 668 clicks, 138 people decided to fill out a form. This campaign went way better than previously expected. Props to our amazing ad team that was able to generate these crazy results. Through these leads, the Ai Health team was able to close numerous amounts of plans for new clientele to their business.

The Process

Working with Ai Health has been nothing more than amazing. It is great to see their continued success in the insurance space. Along with lead generation campaigns, they are about to begin some recruiting campaigns to get more salespeople on their team.